Midtown East Re-Zone Plan Gets Approval from City


On Wednesday the city council authority approved a plan to re-zone midtown a move which will likely see more skyscrapers being added on the sky. The approval comes long overdue since the efforts to have the plan approved commenced several years back. However, many people were happy to hear about the move.

The plan is expected to culminate into 16 new buildings in the next 20 years and will cover 78 blocks. The last time downtown was zoned was in 1980’s, and officials admit that the existing construction regulations have been a hindrance to modern offices in the area.

Property developers will be given an okay to construct much taller buildings with a condition that they make improvements to 7 neighborhood subways stations before they commence construction. This move will also allow area landmarks to sell air rights to developers. Dan Garodnick, councilman chair for D-Manhattan said that the approval of the plan would definitely unlock the development potential in midtown.

On his part, Mayor de Blassio said he was confident that re-zoning would bring about numerous job opportunities for the people of New York. He says that there are many advantages that will be witnessed as a result of the re-zoning Midtown including; improvement of subways, expansion of pedestrian paths as well as creating iconic landmarks.

The plan in its initial stages received criticism from the Archbishop of New York together with some property developers within the area. However, when the news came out on Wednesday that the plan had been approved by the Council, both the real estate board of New York and archbishop welcomed the move.

Reverend Robert Monsignor, erector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral said that re-zoning of the greater East midtown would bring about several benefits for the locals including the creation of job opportunities, preservation of sacred structures such as the central synagogue as well as generate income for the locals through the sale of air rights.

Others who commented on the approval were president of New York real estate board, John banks, who said the adoption of the plan would generate tax revenue.

Most residents of Midwntown, Tevfik Arif Bayrock were also happy about the move. Some of them said the approval has been long overdue but were still excited about it anyway. “This is what we have been waiting for many years now. Finally, the city council has seen sense in what most of us had suggested”, said one businessman based in New York.

Indeed, the approval of midtown re-zoning was something that some people thought would not happen anytime soon. Some thought the move was too ambitious and could not be implemented shortly. The city council authority might have had its reason to give approve its commencement.

There is no doubt that stakes are high in this kind of approval and property developers are now warming themselves up to construct structures probably never seen before. For those planning to set up businesses in Midtown, there’s going to be plenty of office space within the next few years.




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